Invalda Privatus Kapitalas is one of the largest Lithuanian private equity companies. We are constantly on the search of new opportunities; therefore we welcome your ideas on acquiring new businesses or other assets at any time.
We are interested in:

  • New competitive businesses that, being allocated additional capital and management resources may continue to successfully develop organically, consolidate fragmented markets or open new possibilities to grow in value.
  • Undervalued assets that, subject to their restructuring, may appreciate materially.
  • We do not avoid complex businesses as we are confident that our concentrated efforts may lead to value creation.

We have not defined any minimum amount of investment; however, it is our objective that the investments or businesses to which Invalda directs its efforts would have a potential to become material. We, nevertheless, do not rule out any smaller transactions, as we believe that even in such cases quick and efficient decisions may yield good results.

You are welcome to make inquiries by e-mail