Vytautas Bucas (born 1968)

Chairman of the Board of Invalda Privatus Kapitalas AB.
In the course of his professional career Vytautas Bucas has acquired profound practical knowledge and experience in strategic planning, business objective identification, financial forecasting and business modeling, cost optimisation and reduction,  IT system strategy, development and management of state-of-the-art procurement procedures, management selection and team building. While working as a Member of Boards of different companies, providing consultations to and conducting audits of companies operating in different sectors Vytautas Bucas has acquired some invaluable and diversified knowledge about the businesses operating in Lithuania and neighboring countries, their peculiarities and their surrounding environment.
Job experience: Member of the Board of INVALDA AB since 2006, Chaiman of the Board of INVALDA AB since 1997. The director of Invaldos Nekilnojamo Turto Fondas AB in 2006-2007. Managed Finance and IT departments in SEB Bank AB, later held the position of the Deputy President and the Member of the Board of the Bank . Vytautas Bucas is the Member of ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, UK) since 2002. He worked at the audit firm Arthur Andersen in 1992-2000, where having started from an auditor assistant grew to the position of the Chief auditor.
Participation in other companies: Chairman of the Board at Vilniaus Baldai AB, Bordena UAB.
Educational background: Vilnius University, Faculty of Economics.

Dalius Kaziunas (born 1976)

The director of Invalda Privatus Kapitalas, AB.
Due to his long experience of working in financial markets and different companies Dalius Kaziunas has accumulated extensive experience and expertise in executing most complex business acquisitions, exits, restructurings, mergers, splits, financing negotiations and transactions (including on the international scale). Also, while managing the process of the incorporating and team building of a bank Dalius Kaziunas has acquired a unique expertise and knowledge in business processes of financial institutions, team formation, and working with market regulators and financial supervisory authorities.
Job experience: General Manager and Chairman of the Board of Bank Finasta in 2008-2009. From the middle of 2008 Dalius Kaziunas has been an advisor and the Member of the Board of INVALDA, AB, the president of INVALDA AB since 2012. He was a financial broker of Finasta Financial Brokerage Company, AB since 1996.
Participation in other companies: Member of the Board at Bordena UAB, Vilniaus Baldai AB, Invetex AB. Chairman of the Board at Lauko Gelininkystes Bandymu Stotis UAB. Chairman of the Supervisory Board at Vernitas AB since 2012.

Vaidas Savukynas (born 1968)

CFO at Invalda Privatus Kapitalas, AB.
Job experience: Vaidas has accrued the financial job experience since 1990 when he started his career in the Company Lietuvos Birza AB. In 1993 – 1995 he became the director of Financial Brokerage Company Bankoras, and then moved on to the position of vice president in public investment company Investicijos Fondas. In 1998 Vaidas began his work in various companies of MG Baltic concern (MG Baltic Trade, Apranga, Minvista, MG Baltic concern itself) as CFO and financial analyst, and he has devoted 11 years of his career to this group. After a short time managing the administration of Zemaitijos Pienas AB in 2010, he joined a retail chain Narodnyi in Kyrgyzstan as CFO in 2011 - 2013.
Participation in other companies: Member of the Board at Bordena UAB, Vilniaus Baldai AB, Invetex AB, Gelininkystes Bandymu Stotis UAB. Member of audit committee of Vilniaus Baldai AB. Director of Investiciju Tinklas UAB, Justum UAB, Variagis UAB, Krevina UAB. 
Educational background: introductory course of financial sector scheme Leeds University (United Kingdom); Master’s degree in social science, Stockholm University (Sweden); diploma in economics, Vilnius University.