The Ordinary General Shareholders Meeting of Invalda Privatus Kapitalas AB, held on 29 April, 2016, adopted the following resolutions:

1. Auditor’s report.
The Company's auditor's report was presented.
There is no voting on this issue of agenda.

2. Company’s annual report for 2015. 
The Company's annual report for 2015 was presented.
There is no voting on this issue of agenda.

3. Approval of Company's financial statements for 2015.
3. To approve Company's financial statements for 2015.

4. Distribution of Company's profit (loss) of 2015. 
4. To approve distribution of Company's profit (loss) of 2015:



1) Retained earnings (loss) at the end of the last financial year;  44 281
2) Net profit (loss) for the financial year; 6 475
3) Profit (loss) not recognized in the income statement of the reporting financial year;  (8)
4) Transfers from reserves; -
5) Shareholders contributions to cover loss; -
6) Distributable profit (loss) in total; 50 748
7) Profit transfers to the legal reserves; -
8) Profit transfers to the reserves for own shares acquisition; -
9) Profit transfers to other reserves; -
10) Profit to be paid as dividends; (517)
11) Profit to be paid as annual payments (bonus) to Management Board members, employees and for other purposes;  -
12) Retained earnings (loss) at the end of the financial year carried forward to the next financial year. 50 231

* 0.025 euro per share

The person authorized to provide additional information:

Dalius Kaziunas
Tel. +370 618 44 001