On 26th of April, 2017, Invalda privatus kapitalas, AB received alternative draft resolution for general shareholders meeting, by the shareholders owning more than 1/20 of shares outstanding, regarding distribution of profits:


Thousand Euro

1) Retained earnings (loss) at the end of the last financial year

50 231

2) Net profit (loss) for the financial year

2 210

3) Profit (loss) not recognized in the income statement of the reporting financial year


4) Transfers from reserves


5) Shareholders contributions to cover loss


6) Distributable profit (loss) in total

52 441

7) Profit transfers to the legal reserves


8) Profit transfers to the reserves for own shares acquisition


9) Profit transfers to other reserves


10) Profit to be paid as dividends

1 034

11) Profit to be paid as annual payments (bonus) to Management Board members, employees and for other purposes


12) Retained earnings (loss) at the end of the financial year carried forward to the next financial year

51 407

General voting bulletin