One of the largest Lithuanian investment companies Invalda AB will acquire 10 percent of own shares paying for them 59,6 million litas.

The share buy-back program was implemented through the market of official offer of NASDAQ OMX Vilnius AB from 2nd till 15th of May. The amount of proposed for sale shares was higher than the amount to be acquired, therefore each selling shareholder sells 14.47 percent of shares. The acquired shares will be settled on May 18.

„Taking into account high activity, shareholders are proposed to vote on cancellation of the acquired shares as well as mandate the Board to organize an additional share buy-back up to 10 percent of Invalda AB shares. The voting shall take place in the General Shareholders Meeting of May 24. “- said Dalius Kaziunas, the President of Invalda AB.

The Board of Invalda AB will decide on the particular conditions of the share buy- back after the General Shareholders Meeting issues the necessary mandate.